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Just The Facts Brooklyn

Source:  New York City Department of Health, Excellent Ones Consulting LLC.

While visiting one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, I noticed the sanitary inspection grade posted on the door.  I thought to myself could these grades which have been mandated by the City be used as a marketing tool?  Could these grades become a differentiate component to be included in the marketing mix?  As always, I had to look at the data.  Of the 26,772 restaurants which have been graded, 51% or 13,635 received the letter A, 31% or 8,191 received the letter B, and 18% or 4,946 received the letter C. 

As revealed by the chart above the health grade affixed on the storefront is not a strong differentiating factor.  Due to the large volume of A grades, sanitary inspection cannot be used as a marketing tool.  What markers of distinction can you use to differentiate your establishment from your competitor?


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