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Just the Facts Brooklyn

Could your firm handle more business? I was recently asked this question by a sales representative and replied in the affirmative as any business owner would. A brief conversation ensued after this question was introduced. I also ask you the same question: can your firm handle more business?

According to the Census Bureau, Brooklyn has approximately 164 Offices of Certified Public Accountants. This amount represents 15% of the New York City firms. Of the 164 firms only six or 4% are listed on the NYC Comptroller pre-qualified CPA list. This list represents companies which have gone through a vetting process to administer government audits.


A placement on this list could mean work with the city. In addition, placement on this list could serve as a stamp of approval for potential clients. “If it’s good enough for the city it’s good enough for me,” many may say. What could a placement on this list mean for your business? Can your firm handle more business?

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Othniel Denis is Principal of Excellent Ones Consulting, a firm that helps organizations to increase profitability by harnessing the powers of Microsoft Excel. The firm develops custom programs, creates financial models and administers training workshops for the Microsoft Excel environment. The firm is located in downtown Brooklyn, New York. For more information, visit www.excellentones.com.


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